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This was a serious enough issue for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency to take it on.In 2005, they randomly chose 16 sex toys and tested their chemical composition.But this lament ignores two important elements: what dating was like before online dating, and what online dating is like now. These options were so terrible that we all endured months-long “droughts” in which eligible single people dated no one and instead watched VHS tapes and ate popcorn every Saturday night.Tinder has a terrible reputation for being a “hookup app,” but let’s remember that before it came along the top two online-dating options were Match and Ok Cupid.As a sex educator who specializes in sex toys and material safety, I have talked often with bloggers, educators, manufacturers, and retail store owners about toxic sex toys.This is a big issue that is only just beginning to gain traction beyond the murmurs that have been happening within the industry for the past decade or so.This skin-perfecting formula is as healthy as it is luxurious.A creamy concealer colored from fruit pigments and hydrating olive squalane.

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One of the sex toys also had trimethhyltin chloride, five contained phenol, and 14 contained toluene, all of which are chemicals on the California governor’s list of chemicals that are cancerous or cause reproductive harm.But in a society where politicians are uncomfortable hearing the the word vagina, it’s unsurprising that there is little regulation of the adult toy industry and little research into the effects of sex toys and accessories can have on the body.