Dating someone with herpes

10-May-2018 20:13

I began to talk about it in classes and mention it at parties­–occasionally alcohol helps with that–and as soon as I did other people started responding and taking me aside or sending me messages to tell me about their own experiences with STIs.

I started to see the statistics in person–these were people I knew, teachers I respected, friends I've had for years.

Marie Claire: How has having a STI affected your dating life?

One in every six people between the ages of 14-49 have it, and the majority don't even know (! To help us demystify the experience, we spoke with herpes-positive blogger Ella Dawson, 23, to tell us about what really happens when you date with the STI.

You don't have to throw a bunch of knowledge at them, but if it seems like you are an expert in your own body and your experience it will be really reassuring for a partner.

Getting herpes can feel like it fundamentally changes who you are and defines you in that moment, but at the end of the day, it is just a skin disease and a lot of people have it.

I've had really positive experiences; I've had one serious relationship, I've had a couple consistent partners who were more casual, and I've been on Tinder.

MC: How did you overcome your initial worries about dating with herpes?

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I disclose really early, because that's who I am as a person and that's really important to me.Other people wait until they've had a few dates and they're ready to start having sex with that person.