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20-Oct-2017 21:57

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Stress and OCD feed off of each other into a rather unfortunate positive feedback-loop.

The best partners for people with OCD are the ones who know how to talk us down off the ledge.

Most people think of OCD as laser sharp focus on organization and cleanliness.

While this may hold true for many of those afflicted, OCD is characterized by any type of uncontrollable checking or obsession with specific patterns of thinking.

Just because a person has OCD, does not mean that they cannot be a huge asset to your life and make an excellent partner and parent.

So here are some tips on how to treat your special someone and have a wonderful life regardless of their OCD: 1) Never say, "why can't you just snap out of it?!

" The answer is no they can't snap out of it, any more than a diabetic can snap out of being unable to produce insulin.

OCD is something that can be managed with therapy and medication and unrelenting effort, but it is not easy to do and many failures usually occur before success is realized. Because it takes strength and patience to understand that you may love someone who cannot reciprocate as you wish he would, or could.

Sometimes being strong and patient means putting up with someone else's differences. I can understand your desire to keep your best friend.

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