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1 At the time that I was engaged upon the section “ Apollonius of Tyana,” an admirable edition of Philostratus’s work, translated by Mr. Homolle of the Bibliotheque Nationale, and the untiring labours of M. A portion of the chapter “The Elementals ” (“Sorcery and Sorcerers ”) is included by courtesy of the Globe, and at this place I must also acknowledge indebted- ness to my friend Dr. Every nation has its superstitions ; but, excepting the African medicine-man, and his counter- part among almost every primitive people, for the practising sorcerer proper we must go East. Chapman and Hall) " The Magician’s Staircase ” — No. It is an age of groping ; and whereas one who stumbles onward in the mist nearly always strays from the broad highway into the bypaths that lead to the meres, some may strike a fair and narrow road and emerge upon the mountain top. Fifth Fifth THE DESCENT OF THE SUN: A Cycle of Birth. Therefore, I shall confine myself as closely as possible to those phases which we should bear in mind when we stand upon Calypso’s island with Apollonius of Tyana and witness his translation from Rome ; when we disturb the ghostly studies of Nostra- damus, seated upon his prophetic tripod ; when we intrude upon Count Cagliostro’s Lodge of Isis, and, perceiving the beautiful Countess and thirty-six neo- phytes in puris naturalibus, retire in modest confusion.

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By his heart is meant his hati — that is, more properly, his soul. .164 (From The Magus) "The Grand Copt" — Cagliostro ..... THE VEIL There was a Door to which I found no Key ; There was the Veil through which I might not see : Some little talk awhile of me and thee There was — and then no more of thee and me. 268 (From Oufle’s Imaginations Exlravagantes) The Frontispiece of Matthew Hopkins’s " Discovery of Witches," 1644 286 XI THE ROMANCE OF SORCERY SORCERY AND SORCERERS I. Wynn Westcott’s valuable translation of one of Levi’s most extraordinary works. Whatever may be said of the pretensions of the spiritism of the day, the Church regards it as the continuation of Satan’s revolt against God.” His words are characteristic of the unchanging attitude of the Church of Rome towards magical THE VEIL 8 practices ; and, in so far as they warn would-be dabblers to refrain from sorcery, they are of value.

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Neither of these authors will be familiar to the general reader, and I have borrowed freely in both directions. This 1 Since the above was written, a prominent theosophist, toward whose views I entertain profound respect, has taken me to task for discussing Madame in a work devoted to sorcery. Milne has been as that of a pharos in a night-storm, lacking which I could scarce have hoped to make safe har- bourage. The dangers of magic are not chimerical, but very real. ; divination and crystallomancy ; and Cabalistic and ceremonial rites.