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22-Jun-2017 22:49

Though respectable, its audience figures were not enough to see the series continue beyond 18 episodes.

'I was relieved when that particular job got cancelled because I realised very strongly that I did not want to be in an American series which wasn’t great,’ Sewell says. I’d like to do my best in nearly great work, or do my best in good work, or, at worst, do my best in OK work.

'Rufus is a bloke, he’s an alpha male, but he has this nuanced, intuitive sensibility underneath.

I’ve always coveted him, and he just keeps getting better and better.

'After the first day of rehearsal I came home with a feeling in my gut, as if someone had said something mean, but I hadn’t worked out what it was.’ Spending time in Sewell’s company produces quite the opposite of this feeling.

Written in 1971, Old Times, one of Pinter’s 'memory plays’, is set in a farmhouse near the sea owned by Deeley and his wife, Kate.

He railed in interviews against being typecast as ludicrously handsome heroes and, as a result, was dubbed a 'reluctant himbo’.