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20-Oct-2017 13:54

Age 0: Born May 18, 1970 to parents Donald and Jeanne Fey in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

Her dad is of German descent, looks like Clint Eastwood, and likes reading comedy books. This combination instills in her a German work ethic and a Greek zaniness.

Age 5: While playing in the yard outside her house, a sociopathic stranger walks up and cuts her face open with a knife.

She thinks he just marked her with a pen until the blood starts dripping.

The permanent scar left by this incident becomes her most distinguishing physical feature.

Age 14: Begins High School Age 16: Meets legendary musician Elivis Costello. (see the photo) Age 17: Known for her ability to transform herself form nerdy ugly duckling to knock-out when required to do so.

She is not your typical abstinence crusader (like, say, A. In any case, Tina Fey has only had sex with one man, who is also her husband of ten years and the father of her children.

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Age 18: Graduates Upper Darby High School, with honors, and as a member of the tennis team, the drama club, the choir, and editor of the school newspaper.

Tina Fey has been described as “a sex symbol for men who can read without moving their lips”.

I'm liable to pour gravy on you." And then there's revenge, "the thing that no one ever talks about," she says, with mock conspiracy and very real class rage. At 46, Allison is a plump woman with long, gleaming red hair, a velvety voice and an aura of raw pain that lingers even when she laughs.… continue reading »

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You flip through pictures and press “heart” if you like what you see and “x” if you don’t. I’ve read article upon enthusiastic article about Tinder being the new big thing, and I get the appeal: maybe the one for you is a friend of a friend, just waiting to be discovered.… continue reading »

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