Updating sudoers

26-Jan-2018 00:31

This can be used by a user to log commands through sudo even when a root shell has been invoked.

By default, sudoers uses a separate record for each tty, which means that a user's login sessions are authenticated separately.

If no sudo.conf(5) file is present, or if it contains no Starting with sudo 1.8.5, it is possible to specify optional arguments to the sudoers plugin in the sudo.conf(5) file.

These arguments, if present, should be listed after the path to the plugin (i.e. Multiple arguments may be specified, separated by white space.

Environment variables with a value beginning with are removed unless both the name and value parts are matched by env_keep or env_check, as they will be interpreted as functions by older versions of the bash shell.

Prior to version 1.8.11, such variables were always removed.

The tty_tickets option can be disabled to force the use of a single time stamp for all of a user's sessions.